November, 2002 Newsletter (ERCITS)
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NOVEMBER, 2002 Newsletter

The ELECTRIC RC IN THE SKY newsletter is published by Al MacDonald every second month (hopefully). It's comprised of a collection of articles on electric powered flight. Anyone may submit an article provided it is connected with RC electric flight.

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Convair 580 Wingspan: 61 inches Wing area: 397 sq. inches Length: 46.5 inches
Weight: Ready to fly, without battery: 43 ounces. Controls: Aileron, elevator, rudder, nose wheel steering, speed control. CLICK HERE to read article.
Electric Flyers’ Field Box Base: 12"w X 12 1/8"d X 11 1/2"h (with wheels: 15 1/2"w x 13 1/4"h) Top: 12"w X 12 1/8"d X 16"h (the drawer knobs add about 1/2" to the depth) Handle: 1 3/8" X 11 1/4" X 30" Overall outside dimensions: 15 1/2"w X 14 1/2"d X 38"h Battery compartment: 11.25"w X 7"d x 10.5"h. CLICK HERE to read article.
By Peter Dennis - Electric flying is something I've just got into myself! I have been flying over 21 years but wanted to try this side of the hobby. I do not profess to know the ins and out and all the technical details of watts, amps, milliamps, brushless motors or the number of turns required to make a hot motor. Here are some of the basic things I have learnt. I hope it will help you understand some of the basic concepts. CLICK HERE to read article.
How to be
RC Planes
A talk given to the MARCS Club in the Spring of 1998 by Ron Martone.
Introduction. I got interested in electric powered radio controlled model planes (eflight for short) about four years ago, after learning to fly on a glo trainer and then graduating to a glo shoulder wing plane. I have completed 4 electric powered models and have several others in construction. CLICK HERE to read article.
Electric Conversion of Rich Urevitch's OV-10 Bronco Design Wingspan: 58" (lengthened wing) Wing Area: 588 square inches Overall Length: 51" Power: Two AstroFlight 05G motors, in series Battery: 16 cells, 1700 mah Props: 11 X 9 Flying Weight: 123 oz. CLICK HERE to read article.
The Kavan Partenavia Wingspan: 59 in. Wing Area: 480 sq. in. Length: 42 in. Flying Weight: 53 ounces Wing Loading: 15.9 oz/sq. ft. Airfoil: flat bottom
Motors: 2 480-type motors Props: 2 Graupner Super Nylon 6x4 Cells: 8 1900mAh.
CLICK HERE to read article.
Retract Retrofit Have you ever dreamed of seeing your model flash by on a low pass, wheels up? There’s just something sleek about a model with retractable landing gear. Most of us never experiment with retracts, or if we do it is because some favorite scale project requires them. CLICK HERE to read article.
The Multiplex Twinstar Wingspan: 55.9 in 142cm Wing Area: 620 sq. in. 40sq dm Airfoil: Semi-symettrical Weight: Suggested 51oz or 1450g Channels: Ailerons/Spoilerons (2 servos), Elevator, Rudder, Throttle Recommended Power System: 2 400 motors, 7 cell 1400mAh or larger pack. CLICK HERE to read article.

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